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Jamie MerriLL


Genre: R&B/Soul/Hip Hop
Instruments: Vocals, Drums, and Piano

Jamie Merrill is an American singer, producer, and songwriter whose style blends R&B/Soul, Alternative Rock, and an abundance of Gospel influences fused with Hip Hop. 

Born and raised in the small humble West Texas town of Abilene, Texas, Jamie was heavily influenced by the sound of music coming from his Grandfather, Uncles, and from a family deeply rooted, & esteemed in the word of God and in the Gospel. As a teenager, Jamie envisioned a dream of becoming a singer/songwriter/producer and thus, his life long journey began. Jamie was deeply inspired by the soulful sounds of musicians and groups such as Michael Jackson, Take 6, The Temptations, Bone Thugs, Brian McKnight, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ray Charles, and Boyz II Men. 

 Music for Jamie has been a healing power as well as his saving grace, helping him get through some of the toughest and realest situations in his life. From losing the ultimate loves in his life to dealing with the trials and tribulations that followed to getting him to the final round of the stage of where he stands at now, Jamie has prevailed, coming out on top, a better, stronger version of himself. 

 For anyone that can relate to having a broken heart, surviving, and finding your way back, and never giving up, listening to Jamie’s music is the perfect recipe for love and to seek redemption. Jamie’s sound is 2 cups of Soul, 4 oz of R&B, 1 Tbsp of Hip/Hop with a sprinkle of Rock!!!The ultimate recipe for great music & success.


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